One of Life farm4more’s objectives is the production of organic protein products whereby the use of chemical fertilisers to produce organic input feedstock, is prohibited. Organic grass land management strategies include using grass-clover leys to provided for the grasses N requirements which subsequently reduces GHG emissions. One method by which these climate mitigating impacts can be achieved, is demonstrating to farmers the benefits that converting to an organic grassland management system, can present (additional revenues).

Objectives required to complete this action:

(1) Securing the green biorefinery pilot plant’s feedstock supply chain (Austria)

(2) Establishing the Irish feedstock supply chains

(3) Maintaining established Austrian and Irish Green Biorefinery feedstock supply chains.

TBWR will establish, secure and maintain the biorefinery’s grass silage feedstocks (Austria). 

AREC will support this sub-action by establishing quality guide lines that will ensure that a high quality grass/legume feedstock, is produced in both Ireland and Austria. This is crucial as product recovery rates depend on high quality feedstocks being used.

UCD School of Agriculture’s agricultural farm (Lyons Estate) will be used for the duration of the project to produce the different Irish grass-silage ley mixes.