This action which is being led by AREC will implement extensive feeding trials to assess the climate mitigating impact and animal performance of the animal feed products generated by the green biorefinery and biochar prototypes.

The overall objectives of this action are

(1) Demonstrate and assess the feed value of silage press cake for ruminants (cattle and sheep)

(2) Demonstrate and assess the feed value of AA-concentrates from grass silage for monogasts (chickens)

(3) Demonstrate and assess the reduction in GHG emissions that can be achieved by using biochar as a feed additive for both ruminants (cattle) and monogasts (chickens).

(4) to present the feeding trial results to relevant actors from which animal feeding strategies can be generated.

The Agricultural Research and Education Centre Raumberg-Gumpenstein (AREC – HBLFA Raumberg- Gumpenstein in German) is part of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism. AREC is well-positioned in the research area of animal production, grassland ecology, cultural landscape and organic farming.

AREC comprises following departments:

  • Livestock Research
  • Plant Production and Cultural Landscape
  • Husbandry, Technology and Environment
  • Organic Farming and Biodiversity

A big strength is the integration of aspects of plant and animal production with its ecological and economic consequences, focused on alpine regions.
The work of AREC focuses on the integration of plant and animal production with its ecological and economic consequences. Its research infrastructure includes large grassland areas, stables, machinery, external research stations and trial sites.

The feeding test will be carried out by AREC using their staff, infrastructure and test-stables at the Institute for Organic Farming.

Coordinator UCD will be supporting this action by deploying addition expert staff to underpin work performed at AREC.