LIFE farm4more will implement a simplified green biorefinery process that will allow for an array of input substrates (grass-/legume-/seaweed-silage) to be biorefined into AA-concentrates that will be used as climate mitigating-, economically viable-organic certified animal FEED products.

To achieve this objective the following sub-actions are required:

(1)     Select a definitive site for the implementation of the green biorefinery pilot prototype (Austria).

(2)   Implement a green biorefinery pilot prototype plant to process silage.

The pilot plant will consist of the 4 main sub-processes listed below, being integrated:

(i) processing and fractionation of silage feedstock to produce  liquid extract and a solid fraction

(ii) Downstream processing of liquid extracts

(iii) Evaporation of liquid products to produce concentrates

(i.v) Biosensor based monitoring and control system

(3)   Operation of the green biorefinery.

The green biorefinery prototype once commissioned will be operated throughout the  project where:

(i) hydrolysed protein concentrates form different grass/legume feedstocks at different quality levels will be produced.

(ii) data sets on product compositions and process configurations will be generated.

(iii) products and processes will be optimised

TBW research is a non-profit SME focusing on research and development in various fields such as mobility, water, construction and energy & renewables.

TBW’s key staff, Michael Mandl, has a comprehensive track record within applied research and development. He is an internationally recognised expert in the field of Green Biorefinery. He has managed a series of national RTD project to develop an integrated processing for utilising grass silage for the recovery of amino acids and lactic acid which was demonstrated in a notational R&D pilot set-up in Utzenaich, Austria (2009- 12). TBW research was also project manager in the project Grassfinery (2014-2017, ECO13-630206) focusing on food applications from grass. Tbw research has extensive knowledge on green biorefinery technology, processing options and bottlenecks.

BRID is a young company that has been initiated to deliver on a specific task: To accomplish specific biorefinery development, and consequently, to implement sustainable technologies into the market. We are aware that transferring technologies developed from scientific research to real world applications is definitely not easy, but that eventually, they will be adopted to fit a whole new world – Our world.

BRID has emerged out of an innovation network in the field of academia. Therefore it can provide and leverage expertise and experience from many years of applied research in the field of biorefining.
The approach BRID is taking is strongly built on our values:
– our spirit for cooperation,
– our expertise & experience,
– our motivation to push forward for sustainable technologies based on renewables and
– our set of values: integrity, trust and benefits for more people and society.